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My Story

S. L. Stenfors is a seasoned storyteller whose journey in the realm of words began long before she could even hold a pen. With a passion for storytelling ingrained in her soul, S. L. Stenfors' dedication to the craft led her to pursue higher education in the field. She received her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Hamline University.

Armed with her newfound expertise, S. L. Stenfors embarked on a mission to hone her skills in writing, editing, and studying words but also to inspire others on their literary journeys. Channeling her love for words into a teaching career, she sought to ignite the same passion for reading and writing in her students that had fueled her aspirations.

As an educator, S. L. Stenfors’ impact extended beyond the confines of the classroom. Drawing from her diverse experiences and expertise, she delved into curriculum design, crafting engaging and innovative programs to cultivate literacy skills for her students. She spearheaded the development of a specialized program tailored to support struggling middle school students, empowering them to gain confidence and proficiency in reading and writing.

S. L. Stenfors’ commitment to education goes beyond the mere transmission of knowledge; it is rooted in a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of storytelling. Through her teaching, she strived to impart academic skills and nurture creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression in her students.

S. L. Stenfors is always ready to weave her narrative as a storyteller and words craftsman on a new and expanding journey. She is looking forward to finding new and innovative ways to improve the lives around her through words and crafting knowledge through the written language.



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